Discover Why M Grill is the Best Brazilian BBQ in LA.

Since 2003, M Grill has been a standard for fine dining in Los Angeles. Located near museum row and Koreatown, M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse is centrally located near downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and only 20 minutes from the beaches.
However our story begins a few centuries back, on the plains of Southern Brazil, Gauchos, Brazilian cowboys raised cattle and expanded crops on the fertile meadows of the Pampas. Though the Gaucho way of life was tough, they were admired by friends and family because they only depended on the 4 fundamentals of nature: earth, water, air and fire.
M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse serves many traditional flavors and continues to bring this standard of quality everyday. M Grill is where the friends and families get together to celebrate, while others enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies the fine dining experience. Delight in the M Grill churrascaria and taste the authentic churrasco Brazil bbq.

About M Grill and the Churrasco Experience

If you know authentic Brazilian food, then you know M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse is an award-winning churrascaria in the heart of Los Angeles. From a traditional assortment of Brazilian food, to vibrant, yet home-like environment, to the aroma of the open fire grill, at M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse we make certain our guests will have the same Brazilian dining experience, just like if they were in San Paolo, Brazil. 

Fresh Ingredients

Authentic Food & Drinks

Great Location

About M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio Serving Style

Begin with a fresh basket of cheese bread. Then make your way over to our gourmet hot & cold salad bar, with fresh fruits & vegetables, salads, and traditional Brazilian favorites. And to compliment your dinner, may we recommend a nice bottle of wine from our wine list. When you are ready for the grill meats, turn your card to green and our gauchos will bring skewers to your table in a traditional “rodizio” (continuous rotation). The gauchos will cut freshly cooked meat while still hot at your table, including beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, grilled pineapple, sausage, and chicken hearts upon request. Fish too, if you tell us a day in advance of your reservation date. A very popular our house specialty is the top sirloin cap, known as Picanha. The gauchos will keep coming with the grilled items, until you turn your card over to red. Now get ready for some dessert and Brazilian coffee.

The Churrasco Brazilian BBQ

The Authentic Churrasco in L.A.

M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse keeps the old culinary tradition from the grassy field and prairie lands in the Pampas of Brazil. In the Churrasco Brazilian BBQ style, formally dressed gauchos (Brazilian cowboys) would serve in the rodizio style, bringing swords laden with grill meat to your table. And for as long as you keep the green sign side up, the gauchos would keep the grill items coming. Churrasco style Brazilian barbeque became known as the best steakhouses to eat Brazilian food grilled on a open fire pit.

In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbecue which originated in Southern Brazil. With a variety of meats, pork, sausage and chicken that may be cooked on a purpose-built churrasqueira, a barbecue grill, commonly with supports for spits or skewers.

Churrasco Brazilian BBQ consists of a fine fresh selection of our barbequed meats, served to you rodizio style at your table. With all-you-can-eat hot and cold buffet, veggies, salads and antipasto products, followed by premium quality meats prepared on an open flame, it will feel like traveling to Brazil and back with each visit to M Grill. Prepared by specifically trained Brazilian grill master chefs, M Grill Churrasco Brazilian BBQ is in a fine dining experience in the heart of Los Angeles.

Get Ready for the Rodizio

“Rodizio” which means the seemingly endless rotation of gauchos who stop by your table with a grilled meat, hot and ready to for you to carve and enjoy. Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term describing beef or grilled meat dish, varying throughout Latin America and Europe, however popular in the food of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and various other Latin American nations. The term churrascaria is related be the steakhouse where they prepare the Churrasco Brazilian BBQ grill. The best churrasco steak is made and served at M Grill, right here in Los Angeles!

M Grill churrascaria is a fine restaurant and upscale dining establishment serving grilled meat Churrasco Brazilian BBQ style, all-you-can-eat, with gauchos carrying grilled items on skewers, slicing meat onto the customer’s plate tableside. This serving style is called espeto corrido or rodízio, and it’s quite popular in Brazil.

We welcome you and your family to have lunch or dinner at M Grill and experience Churrasco Brazilian BBQ style.



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