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“Luscious Latin barbecue is served alongside an appetizing array of the best Brazilian buffet dishes at M Grill. This restaurant offers a traditional rodizio-style dining experience that is elegant and unforgettably delicious. “

A Taste of Southern Brazil in the heart of Los Angeles.

Since 2003, M Grill has been a standard for fine dining in Los Angeles. Located near museum row and Koreatown, M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse is centrally located near downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and only 20 minutes from the beaches.

However our story begins a few centuries back, on the plains of Southern Brazil, Gauchos, Brazilian cowboys raised cattle and expanded crops on the fertile meadows of the Pampas. Though the Gaucho way of life was tough, they were admired by friends and family because they only depended on the 4 fundamentals of nature: earth, water, air and fire.


It’s always great to enjoy Brazilian BBQ with cocktails! Especially if you want to relax after a work day or if you just want to meet friends for cocktails and dinner. See our Happy Hour menu and times and get more information, click below.

Customer Testimonials

What M Grill customers are saying…

The first aspect that impressed me was the beautiful modern interior. My expectations for the food weren’t too high because I’ve been to Fogo De Chao and wasn’t impressed with their overly salty selection. This experience was a completely different story though. The meats were all flavored with balance, and the salad bar complemented nicely. Picanha and filet mignon stood out the most to me. So tender. So good. Finish off your meal with cinnamon pineapples grilled to perfection!!”

Bethany S. from Walnut, California

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“OH MY GOD! Deliciousssssssss. I’ve been wanting to go to M Grill for the longest time after hearing about it from all of my friends. I’m so glad I went and I would definitely put M Grill above Fogo de Chao on my list. From the ambiance, to the cheese rolls, to the hot/salad bar to the meats, I think M Grill takes the crown over…”

Jason L. from Los Angeles, California

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“Lovely gem of a restaurant … The service is superb and the meats are top notch quality. I especially enjoy the chicken hearts (no other rodizio serves these in the US) and of course picanha! The salad bar is well stocked … If you’re in the area check it out. Word of warning though, do not eat lunch before, this place has so much wonderful food you will want to partake as much as possible….”

Shirin N. from La Jolla, California

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“We were seated immediately, and served water. We opted to get a bottle of wine, and I got a variety of items from the salad bar. There were about 20 different types of meat coming around… And there was no meat I tried that I didn’t find delicious. A major plus to this place is the pineapple with cinnamon… I love cinnamon on fruit, and this was definitely a nice touch to the dinner.”

William G. from Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

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“Truly, a Carnivore’s DELIGHT!!! This ain’t for tiny tummies, though. If yur gonna drop this kinda dime, ya gotta bring the hunger pangs & DIG IN!!! Nom, Nom, NOM!!!…Great times! It was my Pops b-day & our server Friedrich and all the staff made him feel loved. He soaked it all in and shook his head amazed how wonderful an experience he had. “Never in my life have I been to something that made me feel so spoiled!” he claimed. Well, enuf said 🙂 EASY recommendation.”

Dave A. from Oxnard, California

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“the restaurant is large and gorgeous. The bar is beautifully lit, and the happy hour there is a great deal. The food is all delicious, but I will say that the rack of lamb is perhaps some of the best I’ve ever had. It’s perfectly tender, seasoned, and delicious. The parmesan steak, filet, garlic chicken, and sausages are all delicious. The cheese bread is great as well. The only problem is having a stomach big enough to try everything!

Brian C. from Los Angeles, California

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